Civil Wrongs

So we have some obnoxious little South African slime ball once again spewing racism and condemning “white people “and colonialism, whilst simultaneously enjoying all the benefits that “white people” have provided for his country.

I am of course, talking about Ntokozo Qwabe. Thankfully, the little shit bag is no longer besmirching the name of an English university, but he has been in the news this week for slapping a white student at the University of Cape Town who had dared to film him ruining other people’s education.

It is still unclear why this racist parasite is still being afforded such privileges or why his rampant feelings of inadequacy are still news…

Across the pond, we have another Black Lives Matter protest going on, which unsurprisingly has taken the form of a riot, with violence, robbery, arson and vandalism thrown in.

People need to stop legitimising these ridiculous and frankly barbaric ‘protests’.  I understand that—whilst the stats aren’t quite as BLM make them out to be— they do have a legitimate grievance. However, the way that almost all protests concerning black rights/issues end in violent riots somewhat undermines their cause and, in some ways, exemplifies why the police feel the need to use offence as defence when dealing with black offenders.

Back here in England, we unfathomably have our own Black Lives Matter movement, who recently criticised calls to regulate, ticket or even ban the Notting Hill Carnival. BLM responded to a particular journalist from the Spectator, Roy Liddle, after he called for the event to be shut down, by equating the Carnival to Glastonbury – a music festival with predominantly white attendees. They asked whether Glasto should be banned to prevent ‘white on white’ violence. This was a rather short sighted comparison.  Liddle instantly crushed their argument with some straight facts – 46 arrests at Glastonbury 2016 over one week (no stabbings), compared to 454 arrests at Notting Hill (5 stabbings) over 3 days.

I don’t want to trivialise racism, that is not the intent of my post. I merely wish to highlight the ridiculousness of some of these ‘movements’, which I believe will fuel the rise in far-right groups across the world. Any sane person can see that riots are not a constructive means to address any political issue. Racism is born out of ignorance, but when swathes of black youths are causing mayhem on the streets under the guise of a civil rights protest, we shouldn’t allow creatures like Ntokozo Qwabe to make out that it’s the fault of white people.

People of all colours are responsible for their own actions.